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Written by Corinna Burford | November 20, 2013

Connect With Showcasing Musicians and Gearheads - Sponsor the Music Gear Expo Lounge

Centrally located in the Exhibit Hall 5 if the Austin Convention Center, the Music Gear Expo lounge is a comfortable place for musicians and gearheads to take a break from their crazy SXSW schedules - to relax, check email and discuss which guitar or drum set gave the best...

Written by Corinna Burford | November 19, 2013

Make Essential International Links with the Platinum Connection

As part of SXSW’s ongoing commitment to global outreach, we are continuing to develop our unique international B2B networking service, the Platinum Connection. This elite program matches international companies with expertly selected US companies and facilitates 1- on -1 meetings between business decision makers.