Archive of Past Dewey Community Service Honorees

The Dewey Winburne Community Service Award honors community do-gooders who employ new media tools and strategies to make the world a better place. From 2000 to 2011, all honorees lived in the Central Texas area. Beginning in 2012, we opened the process to recognize national and international community activists.


Madhura Bhat by Madhura Bhat Madhura Bhat
Washington, D.C.
Bhat co-founded Health for America, a fellowship targeted at transforming the health of communities across the US through innovation and design. A visionary leader, she has worked with multi-sectoral organizations to maximize the impact of their investments. An alumnus of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship, Bhat received the Power 30 under 30 award and in recognition of her leadership, was selected for the Stars Symposium for Leaders of the Next Generation, the Atlantik-Brucke Young Leaders Program and the Sandbox Network of young leaders.

Elizabeth Davidson by Randall Reback Elizabeth Davidson
New York, NY
With Maurya Couvares, Davidson co-founded ScriptEd, an organization that trains tech professionals to teach computer programming to students in under-served high schools. ScriptEd integrates a project-based JavaScript curriculum, apprenticeships, and field trips to engage students in the tech industry. Davidson formerly taught high school and will receive her PhD in Economics and Education from Columbia University in May.

Arlene Ducao by Amon Ducao Arlene Ducao
Cambridge, MA
Ducao leads OpenIR (Open Infrared), a software project mapping the ecological features and risks revealed by infrared satellite data. An Ida Green Fellow in the MIT Media Lab's Information Ecology group, Ducao is also a co-founder and principal of The DuKode Studio in Brooklyn. A Filipino-American, Ducao seeks ways to improve environmental services in South and Southeast Asia.

Rey Faustino by Allana Taranto Rey Faustino
San Francisco, CA
An entrepreneur, innovator and fervent advocate for educational equity, Faustino launched One Degree in 2011 to ensure that all families have access to services they need to overcome poverty. He is an Echoing Green Fellow and Education Pioneers Fellow; was a site director at BUILD, a college access nonprofit organization; and received his B.S. in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California.

Gene Gurkoff by Christopher Lynch Gene Gurkoff
New York, NY
Gurkoff is the founder of Charity Miles, a free iPhone/Android app that enables people to earn money for charity by walking, running or biking. He also helped found Team Fox, the grassroots fundraising arm of The Michael J. Fox Foundation which has raised over $20 million for Parkinson's research. Gurkoff has personally run more than 35 marathons and six Ironman triathlons to raise money and awareness for Parkinson's research in honor of his grandfather who has the disease.

Elena Lagoudi by Elena Lagoudi Elena Lagoudi
Athens, Greece
Lagoudi is a digital engagement worker for museums. She earned hardcore museum experience working for London's National Gallery and Tate developing outreach projects for diverse communities. Since the crisis hit Greece, she returned to experience Armageddon at ground zero. Can social technology activism, grassroots innovation and linked open heritage help soften the blow? While still trying to figure this out in Athens, she works three jobs and is falling in love with the inspired use of technology everywhere.

Simeon Oriko by Simeon Oriko Simeon Oriko
Nairobi, Kenya
Oriko has a passion for using digital technology to respond to real world challenges and opportunities, and to effect positive social change. This view has led him to his current position as the Founder and Executive Director of the Kuyu Project, a digital literacy initiative aimed at teaching African youth how to fully utilize social media and other digital tools to effect social change in their communities. Simeon is also a Fellow of the Code4Kenya pilot program, in which he will work with a host organization in assessing their technological capacity to create a suitably sustainable application or service.

Amanda Quraishi by Amanda Quraishi Amanda Quraishi
Austin, TX
A blogger, interfaith activist and technology professional, Quraishi works full time managing the web presence for Mobile Loaves & Fishes in Austin. This non-profit organization lifts the chronically homeless off the streets providing them with affordable housing and micro-enterprise opportunities. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Texas Impact, an organization that lobbies the Texas State Legislature on behalf of faith communities, and on the Advisory Board for the Muslim Youth of North America Austin Chapter. Last year, Amanda launched a smartphone app called 365muslim to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding of America's Muslim community.

Ben Sawyer by Ben Sawyer Ben Sawyer
Freeport, ME
Sawyer is a community leader in the use of videogames beyond entertainment. In 2002, after producing one of the first major foundation funded games (Virtual U) he teamed up with Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars to co-found The Serious Games Initiative. The Initiative was a critical grassroots organizing force helping give birth to the Serious Games Summit conferences, Games for Change, and The Games for Health Project, which Sawyer operates today after its founding in 2004.

Rich Schwerdtfeger by Rich Schwerdtfeger Rich Schwerdtfeger
Austin, TX
A Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, and CTO of Accessibility for IBM software, Schwerdtfeger leads overall accessibility strategy and architecture for the company's Software Group. At IBM, he provided the leadership that created an unprecedented IT industry effort to develop solutions in an open source, non-proprietary collaboration that is facilitating equal information access for millions of people with disabilities around the world.


Judy Brewer Judy Brewer
Cambridge, MA
As Director of the Web Accessibility Initiative at the World Wide Web Consortium, and a Principle Research Scientist at MIT, Brewer coordinates with industry, disability communities, researchers, and governments on the development of consensus-based solutions to make the web accessible for people with disabilities. WAI standards and guidelines are used by governments and organizations around the world to help ensure equal access to the Information Society.

Laura Deutch Laura Deutch
Philadelphia, PA
Laura Deutch is a Philadelphia-based media artist and educator who uses participatory processes to engage communities in expanded documentary production. She is the creator of Messages in Motion, a mobile media studio that provides tools for participants to share personal and social stories about their neighborhood and life experiences. She holds an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University.

Brian Elliot Brian Elliot
New York, NY
Elliot founded Friendfactor in 2009, which works to accelerate change for LGBT rights by engaging more straight supporters through online education and advocacy campaigns. Friendfactor developed a groundbreaking click-to-call technology as part of its campaign for New York marriage equality, which mobilized thousands of people to take action on behalf of their gay friends’ rights. Elliot received his MBA from Harvard Business School, MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and BA from Stanford University.

Izzy Johnston Izzy Johnston
New York, NY
Izzy Johnston has over eight years of instructional experience in software and languages and over 13 years of programming experience. Much of her work focuses on education and the creation of tools that allow people to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them. Johnston is a professor of Information Science at Pratt Institute, teaches with Girl Develop It and is involved with Developers for Good.

Jacquie Jones Jacquie Jones
New York, NY
Jones is the Executive Director of the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), a 30-year-old media arts organization that funds, distributes and produces public interest media for all platforms. She recently launched the Public Media Corps (PMC), a collaborative engagement framework that includes public media stations, producers, schools, libraries and a variety of community-serving institutions as partners.

Becci Manson Becci Manson
New York, NY
In March 2011, Manson joined All Hands Volunteers for three weeks in their tsunami relief efforts in the town of Ofunato in Iwate prefecture. There, she discovered thousands of photos in the numerous evacuation centers around the towns. She spent the next six months organizing a world wide network of volunteer retouchers, retouching and restoring these photos, using widely available and mostly free technology and donated equipment. To date, these teams have restored hundreds and hand cleaned well over one hundred thousand photos.

Jose Gomez Marquez Jose Gomez Marquez
Cambridge, MA
Gomez-Marquez is the program director for the Little Devices Lab @ MIT. He leads a team of multidisciplinary team of scientists to design medical devices for developing countries. Gomez Marquez developed the Aerovax Drug Delivery System, a device for mass delivery of inhalable drugs and vaccines to remote populations and the X out TB program, now known as, which aims to increase tuberculosis therapy adherence in developing countries using novel diagnostics and mobile technology.

Aleph Molinari Aleph Molinari
Toluca, México
In 2008 Molinari created the Fundación Proacceso, a nonprofit organization that uses the educational potential of technology to drive the social and economic development of people living in marginalized communities. In just over two years Proacceso has built 70 educational centers with more than 180,000 users in Mexico. Today the RIA is recognized as an exemplary model for digital inclusion and has been presented at the World Bank, the OECD, TEDx Talks and the World Technology Summit.

Josh Nesbit Josh Nesbit
San Francisco, CA
Nesbit serves as the CEO of Medic Mobile, a nonprofit company using low-cost, mobile technology to improve healthcare across 15 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Josh also founded Hope Phones, a recycling campaign designed to engage millions of Americans in global health efforts. He is an Ashoka Fellow, PopTech Social Innovation Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow, Rainer Arnhold Fellow, Strauss Scholar, and Haas Public Service Fellow.

Humberto Perez Humberto Perez
Pflugerville, TX
Pérez teaches video technology and heads Cougar Productions at Connally High School. He also recently co-founded the Cinema Du Cannes Project (CDCP). The mission of this non-profit organization is educate, empower, develop, and celebrate the next generation of emerging artists to be productive citizens, creative individuals and active participants in shaping our communities in the 21st century through the art of cinematic digital storytelling and digital media production.


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