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Final SXSWedu Keynote Announcement and Much More!

Every March the most innovative and energetic leaders in education convene at SXSWedu to connect and collaborate on the future of teaching and learning. With the SXSWedu Conference & Festival less than two short weeks away, SXSWedu is thrilled to announce the final Keynote and Featured Sessions including Rod...

Filmmakers Liz Tuccillo, Bryan Reisberg and Jon Matthews
Written by Jim Kolmar | February 14, 2014

Filmmakers in Focus - Big Significant Things, Surviving Cliffside, Take Care

The three filmmakers in today's Filmmakers in Focus are making their feature film debut at SXSW 2014 While the films are very different, they share the tenacity that underpins so many of the filmmakers waiting to unleash their work this March.

Meet the filmmakers behind Big Significant Things,...

(L-R) Filmmakers Allison Berg & Frank Keraudren, Elijah Drenner and Angus Macqueen and
Written by Jim Kolmar | February 12, 2014

Filmmakers in Focus - The Dog, The Legend of Shorty and That Guy Dick Miller

The unique films, three iconic figures. The subjects of today's Filmmakers in Focus titles are all enigmatic men who, one way or another, have found themselves in the public eye.

The Dog looks at a most unusual criminal, briefly very famous in the early 70s, while the subject of...