What is the SXSW Film Conference?

Jeffrey Tambor & Jason Bateman in conversation at SXSW 2014

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  • Speakers who embody the DIY spirit, ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive of SXSW
  • Aim to galvanize and empower the audience
  • Launch each day of SXSW Film Conference, Saturday through Tuesday


  • Feature iconic filmmakers, actors and industry leaders, moderated by a noted journalist, academic or fellow creative
  • Aim to advance ongoing understanding of a fluid media landscape
  • Offer unique insight and access to essential knowledge and experience
  • Engage and entertain!

Tilda Swinton in conversation with Eugene Hernandez. Photo by Heather Kennedy/Getty Images


  • Offer essential insight into the art, business and industry of film and media, delivered by the people in the trenches
  • Generally consist of 2 - 4 panelists and a moderator
  • Range from beginner to advanced level, across a range of subjects
  • If you can view it on a screen, chances are you'll learn about it at a SXSW Film panel

Photo by Chinwei Hu


  • Give you access to experts in acting, social media, cinematography, and more
  • Offer practical knowledge and inspiration in the form of hands-on experience
  • Cover the latest trends in image acquisition, sound design, casting, and many other areas of interest!

Jeffrey Tambor's Acting Workshop. Photo by Mauricio Lujan

Mentor Sessions:

  • A chance for one-on-one interaction with experts in film and related fields
  • Answer your questions and give you the insight to help advance your career
  • Our most popular sessions!

Photo by Sonny Castillo

Meet the Insiders:

  • Participate in vital discussions about innovations and developments in the Film world with the people who know that world best!
  • 20 minute one-on-one moderated interviews with three different insiders.
  • Connects you with members of the film community and provides the opportunity to learn about the industry from the insiders who are defining and pushing the boundaries of their fields.

Ryan Coogler and Destin Cretton at SXSW 2014. Photo by Ernesto Castillo

Future 15s:

  • Wide range of topics.
  • High energy fifteen minute sessions, three in one hour.
  • Tightly focussed and informative.
  • Fast, furious and fun!

Photos (from top) by Jesse Knish, Travis Ball, Michael Caulfield, Tanya Rabourn and Heather Kennedy