Convergence Day

Maximize your time at SXSW with Convergence Content

Convergence Day offers Music, Film, and Interactive attendees a taste of the complete SXSW package. All sessions taking place on the 4th Floor of the Austin Convention Center on Tuesday, March 17 will be open to all badgeholders.

Our programming teams work together to curate a day of sessions illustrating the increasingly large areas of intersection between the three events, maximizing opportunity to learn about and connect with participants from other creative industries. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this experience as it’s one only SXSW can provide.

Preliminary 2015 Convergence Day Sessions Announced:

  • 3D Printing in the Movies
    David Leigh (Harvest Technologies)
  • Databenders & Spoonbenders: Hacking Music & Design
    Michael Hendrix (IDEO)
  • Live Music Streaming for Brands: Engagement
    Hank Neuberger (Springboard Productions), John Petrocelli (Bulldog Digital Media)
  • Making Art While Entertaining the Internet
    Sean Carney (Social Mal Practice), Molly Soda (MollySoda.Biz), Yung Jake (Adult Swim), Jayson Musson (Salon94), Jillian Mayer (Borscht Corp)
  • Making Music Physical Again
    Kate Stone (Novalia), Charlotte Brimner (Musician)
  • Music as Personalized Medicine: Experiment at SXSW
    Daphne Zohar (PureTech Ventures)
  • Music UX: Connecting Technology and Experience for Fans
    John Paul (Featuring. Me), James Apollo (Possible), Justin Evans (Mix Genius), Alaina Thetford (Train Case Management)
  • Online Distribution: Set the trend!
    Pierre-Alexandre Labelle (Under The Milky Way), Emmanuel Cocq (European Commission Creative Europe MEDIA Programme), Daniela Elstner (Doc & Film International)
  • Science of Social Funding: 247 Campaign Patterns
    Vann Alexandra Daly (Vann Alexandra), Missy Laney (Sundance Institute), Francis Pollara (KesselsKramer)
  • Streams, Shuffles and Statutes: Congress & Music
    Chris Harrison (Pandora), Greg Barnes (Digital Media Association), Jason Chaffetz (U.S. House of Representatives), Elizabeth Frazee (TwinLogic Strategies)
  • Web Influence on the Future of Music Documentaries
    Leah Horwitz (VH1), Lewis Bogach (CMT), Dave Sirulnick (MTV), Thomas Benski (Pulse Films/Vimeo on Demand)
  • Why Top Artists Today Need Spy Tools
    Nico Sell (Wicker LLC)