Vegas Tech

Is Las Vegas the nation's next great tech hub?
Written by Hugh Forrest | April 15, 2014

The Atlantic Explores Tony Hsieh and the Las Vegas Tech Scene

Forget San Francisco. Forget Portland. Forget Austin. Is Las Vegas America’s next great hotbed of technology and creativity? Derek Thompson of the Atlantic explores this question in a recently-published blog post:

The idea that Sin City also fancies itself the next great tech hub might have struck someone from...

Apply to Speak at SXSW V2V: Where Young (and Old) App Developers Rule

Kids these days, they’re really capable of anything. Just ask 13-year-old Ethan Duggan, who’s already learning how to code and create apps as if it’s just another extracurricular activity.

According to his father, Rick Duggan, app-building is no different than other after school program such as football...

If you are an entrepreneur, then SXSW V2V is for you!
Written by Hugh Forrest | April 2, 2014

“Don’t Be Trapped by Dogma” and Nine Other Great Quotes For Budding Entrepreneurs

The daily grind for founders and startups can at times be overwhelming. Your new product / service seems great on some many levels — so why hasn’t the rest of the world caught on to your brilliance yet?

If words of encouragement can help ease these frustrations, then check out...