We are scanning Badges & Wristbands:

SXSW has been using RFID technology in some of our credentials since 2004, including all Badges & Wristbands. This will mean that credentials will be authenticated at most SXSW events at time of entry, including panels.

How does SXSW use RFID?

To discourage counterfeiting there is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip on each SXSW badge and wristband which can be read by scanners placed in SXSW venues or used by SXSW staff or volunteers. The chip in each badge and wristband does not carry any personal information. The chip contains a unique ID code that can be correlated with your personal information by SXSW. SXSW may use information collected via this RFID technology to communicate with you about SXSW events and to improve the event. For example, we may ask for feedback from attendees of a specific panel or event. While we work with third-party technology partners, we will not share your personal information with outside parties for commercial purposes not related to SXSW. For more information on our commitment to your privacy, please visit

How does SXSW not use RFID?

SXSW does not share RFID information with outside parties for any marketing purposes. No 3rd parties may use RFID information for authentication purposes or to register attendance. SXSW does not track RFID tags after SXSW has ended.

Each chip is scanned before you receive it to ensure that it is in good working order. Do not bend or puncture your badge. Because of the RFID chip, the SXSW Badge can be the only laminate worn on your lanyard. Other laminates must be worn on a separate lanyard. SXSW reserves the right to check your RFID tag at anytime.

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