Attomica - "Black Death": SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist

Attomica is a band that already has its name engraved with honors in the history of metal in Brazil. They started playing in 1986, their sound being heavily influenced by eighties thrash metal, which had been gaining ground and strength in Brazil. The band’s discography is as follows: Attomica (1987), Limits of Insanity (1989), Disturbing the Noise (1991), The Blast Of Vídeo: Video/VHS (2002), Back and Alive (2004 – live), Attomica 4 (2012). Their classic album “Disturbing the Noise” was responsible for catapulting Attomica to the next level in terms of sound quality and success. The 1991 album took Attomica’s name not only to all corners in Brazil but also abroad and overseas. Alongside other major and contemporary rising Brazilian metal acts such as Sepultura, Oversdose, Korzus, Sarcofago, and Ratos de Porão, Attomica is to this day one of the most important names in Brazilian metal.