Deborah Quazzo and Michael Moe to Co-Chair LAUNCHedu

Written by Jessica MacCall | October 23, 2012
<span class="caption right"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/Quazzo_Deborah_2-190px-1-1.jpg" width="220" height="220" alt="" class="image-medium" />*Deborah Quazzo, Founder + Managing<br /> Partner, GSV Advisors*</span>SXSWedu recently announced educational investment veterans [Deborah Quazzo]( and [Michael Moe](, of [GSV Advisors](, as co-chairs of the LAUNCHedu startup competition for education entrepreneurs at SXSWedu 2013, March 4-7 in Austin, Texas. "Deborah and Michael are powerhouses in the world of education startups, with an established track record of connecting educational entrepreneurs and strategic investors," said Ron Reed, executive producer of SXSWedu. "We believe their contributions to this program will help draw a large and qualified base of applicants for the 2013 competition as LAUNCHedu, like all of SXSWedu, continues its growth trajectory.” <span class="caption left"><img src="/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/image/Moe_Michael-190px-1-1.jpg" width="220" height="220" alt="" class="image-medium" />*Michael Moe, GSV Advisor*</span>Fueled by the wave of energy revolutionizing education, [LAUNCHedu]( successfully debuted last year as a major event for promising entrepreneurs to spotlight their visions before a jury of industry leaders, venture capitalists, key media influencers and the growing SXSWedu community. A springboard for what's next and new in the rapidly expanding education marketplace, the competition continues to highlight early stage startups working hard to leverage innovations to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world of learning. The deadline for startup companies to [apply]( for LAUNCHedu 2013 is **November 9**. [Register]( to attend SXSWedu 2013, March 4-7 in Austin, Texas, to be a part of all the excitement. Visit []( to learn more.