Attend Come & Capture at SXSW Film 2013

Written by Jim Kolmar | December 19, 2012
<div style="float: right"><span class="caption"><img src="/sites/default/files/news/image/Audience%20members%20after%20the%20panel.jpg" width="175" alt="" />Image courtesy Sam Seizert</span></div></p> A brand new event for 2013, **Come and Capture Film Factory** will offer panels, workshops and demos of new filmmaking tools, plus the opportunity for registrants to get hands-on experience. Come and sample the new products, use them to capture some of your SXSW experience and then share the results with the SXSW community through SXSW’s online channels. Find out more <a href="">here</a>, and remember, if you want to participate, register for a badge now—head to []( to find out how.