Video Spotlight: Three Generations of New Orleans Hitmaking

Written by Rory Burbeck | June 6, 2014

Dave Bartholomew is a prolific music producer going all the way back to his 1950s hits with Fats Domino, a tradition that has carried over to his children and grandchildren.

His son Ron opened The Bartholomew Family session at SXSW 2014 by simultaneously explaining why they were there and why Dave could not make it: “We have two jobs here...We are here to do music, to continue to create music because we love music. But we also have the number one job of protecting a legacy.” Although Dave Bartholomew himself could not participate in the session, his family continued to uphold his legacy.

Dave’s son Don B. is responsible for ushering in the first wave of New Orleans hip hop, having worked with acts such as Mystikal and Lil Wayne. And now Dave’s grandsons, Blake, Chris and Don Jr., comprise the Bartholomew Boyz, one of the cutting edge groups in today’s New Orleans hip hop scene.

Click here for the full video and listen as our speakers discuss the legacy of the Bartholomew family, including Don B.’s current project re-recording his father’s demos from the late 1970s.