International Day Stage

Photos (l-r): Levante, TsuShiMaMiRe, Little Simz

Wanna see bands from every continent on Earth?* The International Day Stage is the only place you'll find a lineup like that.

The International Day Stage presented by Newtek hosts some of SXSW's most unique and diverse talents from across the globe, on the fourth floor of the Austin Convention Center in Ballroom G. These acts will travel thousands of miles for their SXSW showcase, and you have a chance to check them out between panels and talks in the corner of the Convention Center. Sit down, relax and enjoy a wide range of artistry and unique acts that you may never see outside of SXSW. If you need a break from the panels, or a respite from the Trade Show or Gear Expo, make it a point to check out the International Day Stage.

*ok, except Antarctica, but in 2015, who knows?

SXSW 2015 International Day Stage Lineups

Wednesday, March 18

12:00PM Diwan Saz (Yodefat, Israel)
1:00PM Rangleklods (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2:00PM Santullo (Montevideo, Uruguay)
3:00PM Remi. (Melbourne, Australia)
4:00PM Centavrvs (Mexico City, Mexico)
5:00PM TsuShiMaMiRe (Tokyo, Japan)

Thursday, March 19

12:00PM Levante (Turin, Italy)
1:00PM Macaco (Barcelona, Spain)
2:00PM Little Simz (London, UK)
3:00PM Toffee (Taipei, Taiwan)
4:00PM Mumiy Troll (Vladivostok, Russia)
5:00PM Mai Dhai (Thar Parker Sindh) (Thar Parker, Pakistan)

Friday, March 20

12:00PM Brolin (Yorkshire, UK)
1:00PM 숨[su:m] (Seoul, South Korea)
2:00PM Zionstereo (Cali, Colombia)
3:00PM The Recycled Instrument Orchestra of Cateura (Cateura, Paraguay)

Saturday, March 21

12:00PM Just A Band (Nairobi, Kenya)
1:00PM La Guacha (Santiago, Chile)
2:00PM Codrington Pan Family (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago)

Photos (l-r): Levante, TsuShiMaMiRe, Little Simz