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Download the digital version of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Program Book
Written by Hugh Forrest | February 26, 2014

Plan for Success! Access the Digital Version of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Program Book

Maximize your experience at the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival by taking time now to plan what sessions you want to attend and who you want to try to network with. One of your best resources for this pre-event planning is the digital version of the 2014 SXSW...

Rohit Thawani tells you how to better use Reddit at SXSW 2014
Written by Megan Simpson | February 26, 2014

2014 SXSW Interactive Session Spotlight: Reddit, You're Doing It Wrong

Rohit Thawani is a seasoned Redditor with around 10,000 uploads and link karma. His posts have even made the front page a few times. He’s also been in digital advertising for nearly ten years. On March 10th, he’ll present his SXSW Interactive panel and topic of this Session Spotlight,...

Attend Stage Two programming at SXSW Create on Sunday, March 9
Written by Shawn O'Keefe | February 25, 2014

Stage Two Comes to SXSW Create on Sunday Afternoon, March 9

Doing creative and revolutionary things with new technologies embodies the mission of the SXSW Interactive Festival.

Nowhere is this more evident than the diverse mix of activities at SXSW Create. From 3D printing to biohacking to hardware startups and much more, this community event showcases the disruptive and...

At SXSW 2014, Christina Vuleta argues that startups with older founders do better
Written by Megan Simpson | February 25, 2014

2014 SXSW Interactive Session Spotlight: Age Matters - Leverage It For Your Startup Success

Christina Vuleta runs a cross-generational mentoring event series and network for startups and young professional women. She also consults on the intersection of startups and brand strategy. As a consumer insight and cultural trend strategist, she knows how to leverage change and identify growth opportunities. At SXSW, she’ll be...

Be part of the Steve Case session at SXSW on Saturday, March 8
Written by Hugh Forrest | February 25, 2014

Be On Stage Saturday, March 8 When Steve Case Talks American Entrepreneurism at SXSW

The afternoon of Saturday, March 8 at SXSW Interactive pulls together two very strong founder-focused sessions. These two sessions are “The Rest is Rising: Entrepreneurship in America” (3:30-4:30 in Exhibit Hall 5) and “One-on-One With Mark Cuban” (5:00-6:00 in Exhibit Hall 5). 

Steve Case of Revolution will...