Todd's Tech Report

Written by Aurora Blase | November 20, 2014

Todd's Tech ReportWelcome to Todd's Tech Report – the one day a week when the man behind the curtain steps out to give us his version of what's going on in the world of innovation, not without a side of ranch of course.

He may work here, but we pretend we don't know him... or is it the other way around? #chardyparty

  • This week: The hills have NSA eyes...
  • October 30: NoPhone, a cure for the introverted. It's a real thing.
  • October 16: Bioprinting.
  • October 9: Otters are controlling your data.
  • September 24: there are some weird things happening out there...
  • September 18: More code for a good cause.
  • September 11: Worry about everything. You are being watched.
  • September 3: Let's taco 'bout it, shall we?
  • August 27: Dubai is a massive battery in the middle of the desert?
  • August 20: Easy livin'. Bubbles and caviar or ... not.
  • August 14: Shrinky Dinks, yes, Shrinky Dinks
  • August 7: Secret meltdown– who didn't see that coming?
  • July 31: #millenialaffirmations