Startup Spotlight

The SXSW Startup Spotlight takes place two evenings during the SXSW Interactive Festival. Each evening shines a bright light on a new lineup of emerging startups. Stop by to check out demos from selected participants while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

Hilton Downtown Austin, Salon C within Startup Village

4:00–6:00pm on Friday, March 13, 2015
4:00–6:00pm on Monday, March 16, 2015

Participants for Friday, March 13


Propelling college students to connect with people, places and events via location and personality-aware recommendations that are Bumpin' NOW.



Travel like a boss! Just 2 taps finds the perfect hotel in the perfect location at the perfect price.


CREATIV is connecting people around the world through creativity, inspiration and ideas.


FocusedBuyer is an online, interactive SaaS website enabling businesses, organizations and consumers to easily conduct, supervise and manage turnkey purchasing, contracting and payment e-Commerce.



GRAPHITI makes sharing more expressive by giving you limitless ways to “bomb” photos and live websites, and privately share them with your friends. Featuring street inspired tools like spray paint, stencils, slaps (AKA stickers) and markers, GRAPHITI delivers unique ways to move beyond boring posts and comments so you can make a visual statement with everything you share.



HelpSocial is the social platform for customer service. Monitor social networks for customers & connect teams around the business for real time response.


Our goal is to inspire and liberate human creativity with tools so powerful, simple to use, and cost effective that no business is left behind.

OpiaTalk helps retailers turn browsers into buyers with its social shopping widget, which releases 'disappearing promos' — think Snapchat for eCommerce

Optoro is a rapidly growing e-commerce and software company that is revolutionizing the way retailers approach their excess and returned inventory.

Create a virtual picture hangout with Picpal of the iPhone. Send a request and get a real time picture collage!


The Plyfe Platform makes it quick, easy and affordable to create and publish interactive experiences across mobile, social and desktop.

PocketGM is a next generation Fantasy Football Mobile App – manage all your teams from one place, socialize with friends and dominate your matchups!

Priori Legal
Priori Legal is the easiest way for startups and SMBs to find and hire the best lawyers at the most competitive prices.

ProductionPro ProductionPro is a new tool for the makers of film, theatre and television.

Realcontacts app helps users develop their social skills and improve their relationships with their personal and professional networks.

Reebeez is developing efficient solid-state thermophotovoltaic microengines for drones that achieve flight times and payloads unrivaled by batteries and fuel cells.

Shimmur is a social engagement platform, designed to strengthen the relationship between public influencers and their devoted communities of followers.

SnapVet SnapVet is an online tool that connects pets and vets online to make getting and giving vet care refreshingly simple.

SociiSphere is an innovative, new social media application that allows people to be truly social by connecting face to face.

TopShelf is a streamlined way to order alcohol from the palm of your hand.  The future of alcohol delivery is here...

Participants for Monday, March 16

Get money back from airlines when they screw up your flight.

Arghon Artificial Intelligence Engine, orchestrating the connected world through sentient learning technology.

Audiokite Research helps music creators gain insight into the public perception and commercial viability of their music, affordably and accurately.

Binstro is a closet that comes to you. We’re revolutionizing storage and making life less cluttered and more convenient.

Connection Media An iOS app platform that enables consumers to take emotion based selfies and instantly create/share a personalized emoji.

Draft is a mobile application that allows investors to measure their portfolio performance, allocation, and fees against real portfolios.

Jam is frictionless expression. A way to get your voice back, because sometimes you have more to say than Like.

Kewl Circle
Kewl Circle is a location-based, interest centric social media app helping users be social online and offline.

Natter is social network that allows just three words. Nanoblog your life. Why say more?

newzcard is the first photo wire service for social media, aggregating more than 40 million professionally shot photos from over 20,000 photographers in real time,  for sharing on social networks, all free.

oneminute Once a day, everyone receives a magical notification and shares a spontaneous photo within oneminute. All at the same time.

OnePay boils down your bills to a single smarter bill. We find the value you want for the price you want."

OnRoute increases store foot traffic and purchases by delivering proximity based mobile advertising to consumers at targeted physical locations.

SameGrain’s “privacy first” social discovery platform matches on 45M+ areas to connect people with multiple in-depth areas in common.

SOUNDS. lets you Discover and Share Music on Instagram and Snapchat.

STILLGOING is an interactive mobile application where members access highly trained live meditation coaches anytime and anywhere bringing the art of stillness to everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Trippeo is a fast and easy-to-use business travel and expense management software, offering automated flight booking, expense tracking and reporting.

The Uberchord app teaches guitar with a break-through audio recognition technology that enables real-time feedback just like a personal guitar teacher.

XLR8 matches entrepreneurs to the most relevant people and resources based on their needs in their entrepreneurship ecosystem and beyond.

Zapper mobile app makes payments at restaurants quicker, easier, and more secure.  

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