SXSW Featured Sessions Showcase Some of the World's Most Innovative Thinkers

2015 SXSW Interactive Featured Sessions Speakers

What is a Featured Session? We get that question a lot from our community and it ultimately leads to this question: What types of people do you like to showcase? Let's talk about it. Our aim with Featured Sessions is to highlight those we feel speak best to the trends we see across technology and creativity. The PanelPicker informs this, as does our Advisory Board. Likewise our inherent desire to find out what's next pushes us to find new voices with fresh ideas and concepts that will shape the future.

We've been very fortunate over the years to have such a diverse and engaging mix of Featured Sessions. For example, in 2014 attendees gained confidence from Amy Cuddy's advice on positive nonverbal gestures, found inspiration in Ben Rattray's unique approach to igniting global change, took a fresh look at cartooning with Bob Mankoff's crowdsourcing model, considered their digital habits with Edward Snowden's conversation on privacy and technology, learned to balance disconnecting in an always-connected world with Randi Zuckerberg, challenged the model of providing nutrition to the world with Rob Rhinehart's Soylent, and gleaned advice from long-time entrepreneur Ben Horowitz on building a great company.

Here is a list of confirmed 2015 Featured Speakers:

Featured Sessions are slightly different than the five total Keynotes that occur at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival. Click here for more information on Keynotes.

See below for a list of 2014 Featured Sessions selected though the SXSW PanelPicker entry process, Advisory Board feedback and staff curation.

Video and Audio Content From 2014 Featured Sessions

Video and Audio Content From 2013 Featured Sessions

Video of 2013 SXSW Featured Speakers:
Scott Belsky
Ester Dyson
BJ Fogg
Cindy Gallop
Richard Garriott
Al Gore
David Karp
Rachel Maddow
Yuri Milner
Alexis Ohanian
Bre Pettis
Jane Pratt
Trey Ratcliff
Jason Silva
Nate Silver
Rachel Sklar
Don Tapscott
Peter Thiel
Doug Ulman
Dr Steven Weinberg
Stephen Wolfram

Audio of 2013 SXSW Featured Speakers:
Tim Berners-Lee
Margot Bloomstein
Steve Case
Dalton Caldwell
Laura Duncan
Tim Ferris
Ben Huh
Michael Lazerow
Craig Newmark
Anne Marie-Slaughter
Susan O’Connor
Tim O’Reilly
Alexis Ohanian
Jonah Peretti
Jane Pratt
Slava Rubin
Peter Thiel
Werner Vogels
Steve Weinberg