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Rory examines a different facet of rock and its sub-genres each week, highlighting a few tracks from each artist in an attempt to explore their catalogs a little bit deeper than on a typical radio show. (We would love to do more, but the DMCA just won't allow it!)

Weekly Playlists

Friday, October 17, 2014 (CMJ Edition)

Secret Colours - “It Can’t Be Simple”
Secret Colours - “Blackhole”
OBN III’s - “Beg to Christ”
OBN III’s - “Uncle Powderbag”
Heliotropes - “Moonlite”
Heliotropes - “Early in the Morning”
Pageantry - “Horse Hooves”
Pageantry - “Holiday”
The Soil and the Sun - “One Woman”
The Soil and the Sun - “The Devil Made Me Do It”
Baby in Vain - “Corny #1”
Baby in Vain - “The Thrill”
Little Radar - “Spitfire”
Little Radar - “Haunt Me Down”

Friday, October 10, 2014

Black Pistol Fire - “Blue Eye Commotion”
Black Pistol Fire - “Hot Mess”
Benjamin Booker - “Have You Seen My Son”
Benjamin Booker - “Violent Shiver”
J Roddy Walston - “Don’t Break the Needle”
J Roddy Walston - “Heavy Bells”
Turnpike Troubadours - “Before the Devil Knows We’re Dead”
Broken Bells - “Vaporize”
Temples - “Colours To Life”
Interpol - “PDA”
Cults - “Were Before”
Real Estate - “All the Same”
The Avett Brothers - “Slight Figure of Speech”
Mac Demarco - “Let Her Go”