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Rory examines a different facet of rock and its sub-genres each week, highlighting a few tracks from each artist in an attempt to explore their catalogs a little bit deeper than on a typical radio show. (We would love to do more, but the DMCA just won't allow it!)

Weekly Playlists

Friday, September 26, 2014

Twin Peaks - “I Found A New Way”
Twin Peaks - “Stand in the Sand”
Twin Peaks - “Ordinary People”
Univers - “Cavall Daurat”
Univers - “Desert”
Univers - “Llum Estel-lar”
Avi Buffalo - “Memories of You”
Avi Buffalo - “Oxygen Tank”
Avi Buffalo - “Truth Sets In”
Craft Spells - “Komorebi”
Craft Spells - “Breaking the Angle Against the Tide”
American Analog Set - “The Kindness of Strangers”
American Analog Set - “Gone to Earth”
The Twilight Sad - “There’s A Girl In The Corner”

Friday, September 19, 2014 (End of Summer Edition)

The Blank Tapes - “Coast To Coast”
The Blank Tapes - “Workin’”
The Blank Tapes - “1000 Leather Tassels”
Death by Unga Bunga - “I Wanna Go Wild”
Death by Unga Bunga - “The Kids Are Up To No Good”
Death by Unga Bunga - “Stare at the Sun”
Tijuana Panthers - “Wall Walker”
Tijuana Panthers - “Father Figure”
Tijuana Panthers - “NOBO”
Dune Rats - “Wooo!”
Dune Rats - “Fuck It”
Dune Rats - “Red Light Green Light”
Best Coast - “Our Deal”
Best Coast - “Summer Mood”
Sublime - “KRS-One”