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Chronolog is SXSWfm’s Austin-centric radio show, a weekly one-hour sampling of some of the finest music to come out of central Texas, as hosted by the Austin Chronicle's Chase Hoffberger and Kevin Curtin. Stretching from the days of Doug Sahm and Stevie Ray Vaughan to today’s Texas talents like White Denim and Spoon, Chronolog will exhibit under no uncertain terms why Austin, the home of South by Southwest, is the true Live Music Capital of the World.

Weekly Playlists

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs - “The Show”
Sweet Spirit - “Rebel”
Magna Carda - "No-Geaux"
Riders Against the Storm - "Holy Water"
Otis the Destroyer - “Gravity Something”
Residual Kid - “Don’t Wanna Learn”
Spray Paint - "Drive By Feeling"
John Wesley Coleman - "The Love That You Own"
Shinyribs - “Take Me Lake Charles”
Berkshire Hounds - "Shed Skin"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

B L A C K I E - “Cry, Pig!”
Gary Clark Jr. - “Travis County”
A Sinclair - “Suit Up”
Pac Boi Tank - "Fast Life"
Dowrong - "Worry Bout Me"
Mirror Travel - “I Want You To Know”
Feral Future - “Gimmie Some”
John Wesley Coleman - "The Love That You Own"
Megafauna - "Monsters Sleeping”
Immortal Guardian - “Beyond the Skies”