Countdown to PanelPicker: Meet Ups

Written by Austin Nauert | June 10, 2014

Don Downie, courtesy Small Media Extra LargeStarting on July 1st PanelPicker will be open to public submissions for the 2015 Film Conference. From now until PanelPicker closes on July 25th, we're highlighting previous PanelPicker sessions, while illustrating the characteristics we are looking for in this year’s crop of proposals.

Following last week’s look at Sessions and Future15 presentations, we’re going to focus on Meet Ups in today's Countdown to PanelPicker.

SXSW is perfectly situated at the intersection of a number of disciplines, making it a great place to network and make new connections. One way we’re tried to help this along is with the introduction of MeetUps.

Small Media Extra Large director Don Downie (pictured) submitted Alt Distribution: Let’s Build a Network in 60 Minutes, via PanelPicker, a great example of how a good proposal can lead to a great MeetUp. We liked the focus of the submission, yet recognized that it was broad enough to appeal to attendees looking to take advantage of the convergent nature of SXSW. Additionally, the session sought to cultivate and grow relationships beyond the SXSW event by creating a Facebook group for future use. This July, we hope to see more Meet Up submissions that use both the creativity and inventive approach to format of this proposal.

PanelPicker opens for public submissions on July 1st and will be open until July 25th. Questions? Free to e-mail us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Photo of Don Downie courtesy Small Media Extra Large