Countdown to PanelPicker: Digital Domain

Written by Austin Nauert | June 17, 2014

The Goggles, SXSW 2014 Conference ParticipantsStarting on July 1st PanelPicker will be open to public submissions for the 2015 Film Conference. Until PanelPicker closes on July 25th, we're highlighting previous PanelPicker sessions, while illustrating the characteristics we are looking for in this year’s crop of proposals.

Following last week’s look at Meet Ups and a second look at Workshops, today we are going to take another look at the Digital Domain.

Digital Domain aims to highlight innovation in storytelling across a range of digital platforms, and for 2014 we received an excellent PanelPicker proposal from The Goggles, the creative team behind the acclaimed Welcome to Pine Point. Interview with the Goggles: Immersive Storytelling, also featuring Swanna McNair of Electric Yarn, centering on two different transmedia projects dealing with the death of print media, and the problems in the Arctic.

As different as those projects are, we could tell that the session would easily incorporate both, largely due to the supplemental materials provided in the proposal. The Goggles were featured in a video about the Sundance Institute, which, coupled with their immersive, and well-designed website made it clear that the Goggles submission was a perfect fit for the Digital Domain.

You can listen to the full session below, and remember, PanelPicker opens for public submissions on July 1st and will be open until July 25th. Questions? Free to e-mail us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!