List of 2014 Exhibitors

Argentine Pavilion

Stand 919, 921, 1018, 1020

2200 W Loop S Ste 1025
Houston, TX 77027

Phone  713/871-8935


Company Profile
Discover the unbeatable investment opportunities Argentina’s software and IT services industry offers investors.

The IT and Software sector has been identified as one of the priority development industries in the “2020 Argentine Industrial Strategic Plan.”
The public sector’s recognition of the importance of the software and IT industry for economic development led to the implementation of a series of sector-specific policies and benefits.
One of the most important incentives has been the enactment of Software Promotion Law No. 25922 which establishes a wide range of fiscal benefits for companies that export and invest in software research and development; promotes the creation of new SMEs; and optimizes the processes required to put these benefits into effect.
A lattice of 3,800 firms, ranging from consolidated multinationals to a growing network of highly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, makes up the Argentine software and IT services one of the most promising industries in Latin America.
Argentina's software and IT services exports are growing strongly. According to a report by the Chamber of Software and Computer Services of Argentina (CESSI), IT exports revenues grew 16.9% in 2012, and were expected to close 2013 with sales of US$ 1 billion.
Segments offering outstanding investment opportunities include software design for agribusinesses, healthcare, security programs, digital content, solutions for dynamic content (e-learning, e-marketing), value-added services (BPO and KPO) and videogames and animation development.
Argentine software and IT services encompass a wide range of products including consulting, support, applications implementation, business management and security programs.