International Day Stage

SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artist Terakaft

Wanna see bands from every continent on Earth?* The International Day Stage is the only place you'll find a lineup like that.

The International Day Stage hosts some of SXSW's most unique and diverse talents from across the globe, on the fourth floor of the Austin Convention Center in Ballroom G. These acts will travel thousands of miles for their SXSW showcase, and you have a chance to check them out between panels and talks in the corner of the Convention Center. Sit down, relax and enjoy a wide range of artistry and unique acts that you may never see outside of SXSW. If you need a break from the panels, or a respite from the Trade Show or Gear Expo, make it a point to check out the International Day Stage.

2014 International Day Stage Lineups

Wednesday, March 12
12pm Mothercoat (Japan)
1pm Paus (Portugal)
2pm Fuel Fandango (Spain)
3pm Jambinai (South Korea)
4pm Pommez Internacional (Argentina)
5pm JoyCut (Italy)

Thursday, March 13
12pm The Mary Onettes (Sweden)
1pm Chocolate Tiger (Taiwan)
2pm Troker (Mexico)
3pm Rebel Cats (Mexico)
4pm Gochag Askorav Ensemble (Azerbaijan)
5pm Saor Patrol (Scotland)

Friday, March 14
12pm El Conjunto Nueva Ola (Mexico)
1pm Samsaya (Norway)
2pm Lo'Jo (France)
3pm Imarhan Timbuktu & Sihasin (Mali)
4pm Highasakite (Norway)
5pm Dune Rats (Australia)

Saturday, March 15
11am WatchOut! (Chile)
12pm Sivu (England)
1pm Dudu Tassa (Israel)

*ok, except Antarctica, but in 2015, who knows?